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Fish Tank Decor With Automation Are Awesome

In most cases with aquarium themes and fish tank decor, people have sunken ships or castles or just plain rocks and the only thing that moves in them is the fish. Rarely do the fish interact with the fish tank decorations except to go inside any of the gaps and openings. While it may at first look awesome to you, that static aquarium theme can eventually look dull and commonplace.

If you ever wanted to inject some life and movement to your aquarium design, why not try some cool fish tank decor with automation. It is extremely easy to set up, relatively easy to maintain and will give your fish tank that extra motion that will make it so much more interesting.

Fish Tank Decor Automation

These days there are numerous fish tank decor that have automation. Their motion is either caused by bubbles that is fed into the ornament through an aeration tube, movement of the water flow or powered by batteries or solar.

However, be a bit cautious when making your purchase because there are a number of fish tank decorations that have been termed automation but really are not. To be regarded as a proper automation decor, the fish tank ornaments needs to perform some kind of action.

The first type of aquarium decor that is called an automation but really is not are aeration accessories. If the bubbles that is fed into the ornament makes it perform some kind of action, either continuously or periodically once the bubbles have accumulated a little, then it is an automation. But if all it does is spout out bubbles, it is not. One example is the Deep Sea Diver decoration that you see below. It is a very cool aquarium ornament to have in your tank because it is nicely detailed, but it is still just an aeration accessory because it does not do anything.

Action Air® Diver with Hose

Action Air® Diver with Hose

There are also floating tank decor which have been regarded as automation decor but all they do is float around in the tank. These include the common fishes or more interesting items such as spaceships, witches or volcano that you see below.

Nemo 5 Inch Aerating Volcano Aquarium Ornament

Nemo 5 Inch Aerating Volcano

So before making your purchase, always check to ensure that the fish tank decor you buy is really an automation or you may be disappointed if it turns out to be otherwise.

Some Cool Automation Fish Tank Decor

Here are four of my favorite fish tank accessories that have some form of automation. I’ve selected them from various themes that you could integrate into your aquarium theme. These automation can be used by itself or matched with an appropriate fish tank decor to complete your theme.

Pirate Skeleton At The Helm

Action Air® Pirate Skeleton Live-Action Aerating Fish Tank Decor

Action Air® Pirate Skeleton

I love this one. It comes from the Pirate Theme. The pirate skeleton is standing at the remains of a helm, holding on to the wheel. An aeration outlet tube feeds bubbles into the ornament. When the bubbles brush past the pirate, the skeleton moves as if it is steering the remains of a ship. You can check it out in more detail online at Amazon here.

Sinking Titanic

JW Pet Company ActivAir Titanic Aquarium Ornament

JW Pet Company ActivAir Titanic

This moving fish tank decoration depicts the infamous Titanic as it is about to sink into the ocean. The ship sits on an iceberg and an outlet aeration tube is fed into it. As the bubbles accumulate in the ornament, it cause the ship to rock up and down as if it is about to sink. A very simple but cool accessory especially for Titanic fans. Check out this item at the Amazon store here.

Bubbling Dragon

Blue Ribbon Pet Products Exotic Environments Bubbling Action Dragon Aquarium Ornament

Blue Ribbon Pet Products Exotic Environments Bubbling Action Dragon

There are loads of bubblers depicting various animals. The most common of which are clams and crocodiles. But this one is my favorite. It is a small purple baby dragon with a tiny hole on its tongue. An aeration tube feeds bubbles into it which accumulates in its mouth via the tongue hole. When there is sufficient bubbles, the dragon’s mouth opens wide and let’s out the air. Little kids love this one. You can check it out here on Amazon.

Sunken Treasure Barrel

Penn Plax Action Aerating Barrel of Jewels

Penn Plax Action Aerating Barrel of Jewels

Treasure chests are another common bubble action aquarium decor. Out of all the ones available I love this one. It is not just a common treasure chest but a barrel filled with loot. When the bubbles accumulate enough, the lid opens to let it out. It is very nicely detailed and looks really cool especially when matched with a pirate ornament. Check it out at Amazon here.

These are just a few of the many fish tank decor that you can get for your aquarium that has great live action. You can check out the complete list of automated ornaments on our online store above or from Amazon’s extensive collection here.

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Tim Timothy Kessler has spent over a decade of his life designing and creating aquarium themes using fish tank decorations for personal home aquariums as well as businesses. These days, he enjoys showing people how easy it is to create their own unique themes from simple fish tank decor. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.

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