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Christmas Fish Tank Decorations

I really enjoyed designing my aquarium using fish tank decorations for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. The one thing that this website has given me is an insight to the potential there is to create aquarium designs for virtually any theme that anyone can conceive. And I think the idea of designing themes around the various holidays in the year has given me a brand new direction in my passion for creating fish tank themes using aquarium decorations. The world is such a fascinating place with exciting holidays and venue that I plan to dedicate a large part of my focus now on showcasing the beauty of the world in the tank.

This time round we shall look at one of the world’s most well loved holiday, Christmas. I’ve done a couple of Christmas designs and I do know there are fish tank decorations that we can use in our theme but let’s embark on a quest to create a theme that is truly unique and that will really bring out the spirit of Christmas.

When it comes to Christmas, you have the option of going for a more religious design or a non religious one.

Religious Christmas Fish Tank Decorations

A Charlie Brown Christmas fish tank decorations

When it comes to a religious Christmas, the Nativity Scene stands out as one of the most prominent features. This is a scene from the birth of Christ. It generally depicts the baby Jesus lying in a manger with his mother the Virgin Mary and St Joseph looking over him. The other characters in the scene would include the Three Wise Men bearing gifts, a shepherd, an Angel and maybe a drummer boy, though this is more from folk lore and song than religion. To give your scene an authentic look, it should look it a cow shed with cattle, sheep and donkeys.

There are literally hundreds of Nativity Scene ornaments that you can choose from but the ones that make great fish tank decorations are ones made from resin, plastic or ceramic. Also make sure that they are not hand painted and that their colors will not run. A good idea you should do when using any non aquarium intended items as aquarium decor is to soak them in plain water for a couple of days to remove any chemical residue that may have been used to create the item.

The Nativity Scenes above are some of the collections that I have found at Amazon that you could use in your design.

Non Religious Christmas Fish Tank Decorations

Vintage Santa on Chair fish tank decor

The non religious fish tank accessories are even more easier to find. You can get the ones that have been made to be used inside an aquarium like these ones.

If you want something more unique you could scan online at Amazon for lots of other items that you can use as fish tank ornaments. But remember choose the type of material they are made of well. Do not choose anything that has any metal parts, not even a tiny bit.

What you want to choose Christmas decor from folk lore such as Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, elves, reindeer, angels, Christmas Trees, presents and stuff like this. Here are some samples of the things you can get.

To help you check out the specifications and prices, all the items above are listed here:

Christmas is a really exciting time of the year. You will probably be spending a lot of time and money decking your entire house with festive cheer. Why not do something uniquely different this year and deck your aquarium with awesome Christmas fish tank decorations too.

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Tim Timothy Kessler has spent over a decade of his life designing and creating aquarium themes using fish tank decorations for personal home aquariums as well as businesses. These days, he enjoys showing people how easy it is to create their own unique themes from simple fish tank decor. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.

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