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Aquarium Decor For A Vertical Tank

Aquarium decor for any fish tank can be a challenge but it is extremely challenging when you have a vertical aquarium.

You may have seen a vertical aquarium somewhere. It could have been online, it could have been in someone’s house and I’m sure, like me, you would have been blown away. When I first saw a vertical fish tank almost a decade ago, I immediately got one. In fact, it was only about a week later that I parked this tall five foot high narrow aquarium in my living room with an excited grin on my face. But then, I discovered one problem which every vertical tank owner will face within moments of buying one. How am I supposed to decorate this thing?

The whole problem when it comes to aquarium decorations for a vertical tank is empty space. You have a tall and narrow see through canister of water. When you place your aquarium decor at the bottom of the tank, the rest of the space still looks extremely empty. If you try to put something tall to attempt to decorate the empty middle space like a tree trunk or something, you will unfortunately be also eating up swim space, which is bad.

But there is hope, all is not lost. What you have to understand is you can think of the conventional aquarium decor when it comes to a vertical tank. No pirates, no sunken ships. A vertical tank is best decorate with just a simple combination of rocks and plants. It’s really as simple as that. And this guide will help you create an awesome vertical theme.

Vertical Aquarium Decor

To give you an idea about what you will need to do, let’s look at some samples of vertical aquariums on sale. There are basically two types of vertical aquariums. The first is one generally rectangular, has a back and is placed against the wall. The second is a type that offer you a 360 degree view of the aquarium and has no recognizable back or front.

Let’s look at the first type of aquarium. Here is a Midwest Tropical Rectangle 30 Gallon Tower Aquarium which you could get here from Amazon. The picture can be enlarged to give you a better look.

Midwest Tropical Rectangle Aqua 30 Gallon Tower Aquarium

Midwest Tropical Rectangle Aqua 30 Gallon Tower Aquarium

Just like in the picture, you would have a gravel base. On top of this base you would place either rocks or large shells but you don’t need to go too high. Those are just to not make the base look bare. You can also place some short plants to take up more base room and make the base look more natural.

The key to vertical aquarium decor is the plants. You will need to look for nice long lanky plants that will rise from the bottom on the tank straight up to the top. The plants can’t be stiff ones, they would need to be able to sway in the motion of the water. But being a rectangular vertical tank, you could easily push it against a wall and not have to worry about how it would look at a different angle.

Midwest Tropical Hexa Round Aqua Tower Aquarium

Midwest Tropical Hexa Round Aqua Tower Aquarium

Here’s the Midwest Tropical Hexa Round Aqua Tower Aquarium which you could also get from Amazon. This is a vertical tank that you could walk around and see the fish at every angle. While this is an awesome advantage, it can also be a disadvantage. This is because your aquarium decor needs to be arrange in such a way that it would still be great anywhere you looked in.

The best way to tackle this is to set up everything to in the middle of the tank and allow the plants to rise from the middle.

Ideal Plants As Aquarium Decor For Vertical Tanks

It really is not easy looking lanky long plants. You want to choose one that is hardy and that will continue to grow until it reaches the top of the tank.

moneywort aquarium decor


Moneywort is one excellent choice. In a typical aquarium, Moneywort can grow up to 12 inches high but with excellent lighting and maintenance, it will continue to grow and grow until it breaks the surface. And being an amphibious plant, it will grow some ways above the water. In order to help with growth, you will need to have a deep enough substrate that will allow its roots to grow at least two inches long.

Jardin Plastic Plants Aquarium Decor

Jardin Plastic Plants Aquarium Decor

But if you prefer to not go through all the hassle of planting and maintaining your plants, which I have to admit is quite challenging especially if you tank is really tall, you could use artificial plants as aquarium decor instead such as the one you see below by Jardin which you could get from Amazon here.

Aquarius OT6000 Coral Decor

Aquarius Coral Decor

For the base, you could use some aquarium rocks, sea shells or you could get some awesome aquarium decor such as the artificial coral decor from Aquarius that you see here.

An Easier Way For Vertical Aquarium Decor

You know what is the easiest way to have a gorgeous vertical tank with awesome aquarium decor? Buy a complete kit. It may be the lazy man’s option but it will give you an immediate complete beautiful aquarium, especially if you are new at planting aquatic plants and preparing the substrate.

The two vertical aquariums which I showed you at the start of this post are complete sets. They come with lighting, filtration, artificial plants and air pump. You might want to throw in some base aquarium decor if you want to, but that is all you would need.

Here’s the links to the aquariums again which will bring you to the Amazon online store:

Midwest Tropical Rectangle 30 Gallon Tower Aquarium

Midwest Tropical Hexa Round Aqua Tower Aquarium

Vertical aquariums are the greatest most awesome tanks to have in your home but they are hard to decorate. Hopefully this guide will give you a little help on setting up your vertical aquarium with simple natural aquarium decor.

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