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Aquarium Decor From Ancient History

I have been designing themes with aquarium decor for decades now and have had a great time planning and creating gorgeous works of art that I have been pleased with. But out of all the themes and concepts, my favorite has always been creating an aquarium theme around civilizations that are long gone.

I’ve always been fascinated with ancient history and I guess that may be why I’ve always loved this type of theme. An aquarium built around the concept of ancient Egypt or the Mayans or even the various Polynesian cultures just has an air of mystery and wonder. While I had to improvise before and combine bits and pieces to form my design, these days you would be able to get your hands on some of the most gorgeously detailed fish tank decorations that look stunning with your fish swimming around them.

Let’s look at some of the different ancient civilizations that have aquarium decor that you could use.

Ancient Egypt Aquarium Decor

Sphinx aquarium decor

When it comes to ancient Egypt, the one must have item is of course the pyramid. Here are a number of different aquarium pyramids that you could get, some of which function as bubblers.

There are also a number of other Egyptian monuments and artifacts, such as the Sphinx and various Egyptian vases that you could also place into the aquarium to build your theme. The vases are great because the gaps in them make excellent caves for your fish.

Ancient Greek Aquarium Decor

greek aquarium decor

I wrote a whole other post about Greek aquarium decor which you can read about here. Greek tank decor are probably one of the most common among the ancient world ornaments. They mainly comprise of temple columns, either in ruins or upright. You could also add on some Greek statues and a temple if you want to compliment the theme. They also have some vases that you could use as caves.

Ancient Atlantis Aquarium Decor

Lost City of Atlantis Lagoon Arena Aquarium Decor

Whether Atlantis is regarded as an ancient civilization or the stuff of myths is debatable, but I’m not an archeologist so I’m gonna say it is. There are some really cool Atlantis artifacts that you could build into an awesome theme. While they may not look ancient, but rather something out of a Disney cartoon, they still look awesome in the tank.

Mayan And Inca Aquarium Decor

Aquarium Ornament Aztec God

South American artifacts were really famous about over a year ago because of the End Of The World scare and they still make really cool aquarium themes. The decor I have seen centers around the Mayan and Inca cultures with pyramid temples, statues to the gods and an ultra cool Mayan Calendar.

Ancient Polynesian Aquarium Decor

Easter Island Statues Aquarium Ornament

These are a whole range of Polynesian tank ornaments that you could use to build a cool theme. These includes things like the famous Easter Island heads as well as stuff that is still present in their culture today such as Tiki heads and bamboo huts.

Ancient Asian Aquarium Decor

asian theme fish tank decorations

Asian tank decor is another famous set of fish tank decorations that I wrote a whole post about that you can check out here. The ones I love a lot are the Cambodian ruins as well as the Buddhist statues that give a very rustic old world look to your aquarium.

These are six of the best ancient civilizations themes that you could decide to start. These themes have aquarium decor that are easy to obtain online and can transform your aquarium into a work of art.

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Tim Timothy Kessler has spent over a decade of his life designing and creating aquarium themes using fish tank decorations for personal home aquariums as well as businesses. These days, he enjoys showing people how easy it is to create their own unique themes from simple fish tank decor. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.

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